Moto g6 play review reddit

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Moto g6 play review reddit

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RULE 3 : Posts should be descriptive. If you are asking for purchase advice, make sure you mention the max budget, your usage pattern, phone requirements by your priorities - connectivity, storage, camera, performance, display etc. Other Wallpapers for Moto G Stylus? Discussion I have had my motog power for 24hrs I have a few things to say and need some help self.

The reason I'm still holding onto it. Discussion Any recommended launcher for my moto g6? Discussion I just got my G Power today and I'm interested to know how fragile it is self. Have you ever experienced the bug where screen just won't light up once you initiate phone call : Screen goes OFF for entire duration of call.

Discussion Moto x4 user looking to come over to the G family self. Discussion MotoG8 Plus Blootooth connection drops out in the car self.

Discussion Laggy wake up and gestures self. Other Moto G 5g plus side mounted fingerprint sensor self. Moto g9 play self. Other Moto g8 how can i disable this? Discussion Moto G8 Plus bad optimization after Android 10 update self. Discussion Moto g8 power vs moto g power LCDs.

Unexpectedly my Moto G7 Power got August security update overnight i. Discussion Screen Protector Recommendation: Omoton self. Other My Moto G power speaker and earpiece are both really quiet self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. MotoG hot new rising controversial top gilded. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit New Link Post.Moto G6 review: A predictably good value androidpolice. Nearly every single smart phone they have made has it.

It does protect decently well against splashes and even total submersion. How does it wear off of a PCB over time? Thermal movement?

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Genuine question coming from ignorance. Dust gets in there or a component moves very slightly. Heat could play a part. There was a youtube video that talked about it and showed the application process and gave the background and stuff.

What I remember from the Nexus 6, that's Motorola's way of not having to pay for actual IP certification. They know it's kinda waterproof, but not enough to pay the fee to be able to advertise exactly how much. The nexus 6 had no waterproofing features, and as such does not qualify for any waterproofing certification. It had the standard Motorola hydrophobic nano coating that all of their phones receive. It's probably some kind of water resistant, but they didn't bother with an official rating.

Kind of like whatever new one plus phone just came out. I actually just owned this phone for about 3 days before returning it.

How is the camera not good? If you want to shoot night shots, you get a dslr. For travelling, food pics, etc Note 4? Oh yeah, hands down the iphone x has a better camera.

moto g6 play review reddit

One reason I went with the moto 6 is that it's sim free, and has two sim trays. Makes life a lot easier when travelling. The camera is not high end, nor should it be at this price point, but it is good enough to get the job done.

Yeah, I agree. I live in Asia, so being able to swap sims is key. At the end of the day, so long as you found a phone that works for you, then that's all that really matters :. Hard pass. I used to be a big fan of Moto, but their decision to give us the base G6, rather than the Plus, even at a higher price feels like a rip off, especially given a processor that is a flat-out downgrade from last year's model.

I'm also really not happy with how they've been treating their customers with updates. They're not just slow, they flat-out lie about what will receive updates, even when it requires minimal effort. There was a time when Moto was the best in the Android game, but that time has sadly passed.

No one is really killing it right now. I hate Samsung's software, and even the Pixel has its disappointments, like image retention, noise-cancelling issues that make it hard for people to understand you, and underwhelming industrial design. There really is no obvious beacon of "Android done right" anymore. They're offering Android One phones so yeah, those are good that's true.Update situation is not better, these are going to see even security updates like half a year late, if at all.

Source: own Moto G5. My US model didn't have the updates but another exactly same advertised model had the security updates, when I checked with other users online. I got tired of the cat and mouse game and returned it. The forums are poorly managed and have a record of removing posts critical of posts that expose issues. In their defense, the users can really be pushy and post lots of nasty stuff sometimes.

moto g6 play review reddit

Why would you go to Lenovo website and literally tell everyone "Do not buy a Lenovo phone, buy a Nokia instead". We all know that's a good idea, but you don't go to the man's house and take a dump on his couch. This is why we can't have nice forums. I didn't realise how much having a shit camera affected me using it. I absolutely hate taking pictures of anything.

The G6 doesn't have the best camera, but it's leaps and bounds better than any of the 4 motorola phones I had before it. In comparison to the other phones available at the time of course. Camera is not so good.

Have a G5sPlus now and the camera works very well. Seem to have a bad shutter lag but I am happy. Still on April update. Yeah, this week my G5 got May security update 2 months lateprevious one was March or February delivered in late May. Yeah I just got may security patch for my Z2 force on 8. I'm thinking this might be my last update lol. Is putting together a good camera that expensive? All I want is a mid-range camera that is at least within shouting distance of the flagships.

It's all about the software now, anyway. You can oftentimes just install GCam on a phone with a shitty camera and get great results. You can't just throw GCam onto anything, doesn't it need a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset like a or an ? For the regular mod, no.The Moto G6 Play is the most basic model in the G6 range but still has plenty going for it, including a long-lasting battery and a decent screen. If you're on a tight budget it's easy to recommend. It trades away advanced features like p resolution and a glass back to knock the SIM-free price down to a level budget buyers will be more comfortable with.

What do you lose? Read more: Moto G7 review. We need to check out what we miss buying this instead of a Moto G6, and appreciate the neat extras Motorola has managed to fit in at the price. Battery life is the real standout here, though. A 4,mAh unit lets the Motorola Moto G6 Play plough on through a full day of intensive use, including, for example, an hour of YouTube streaming along with the usual messaging, browsing and camera use. The Moto G6 Play is also one of the cheaper phones to have true fast charging.

Its 13MP rear camera takes very pleasant shots in daylight too.

moto g6 play review reddit

The missing parts? That said, Motorola includes a protective cover in the box. This latest generation of Moto G phones marks the first time Motorola has used glass in this series.

Well, aside from the front panel, which has been glass since the very first Moto G. In the step down to the Moto G6 Play you lose this glass. There are a few important elements that make the plastic seem quite classy. And it has the same reflective elements under the top layer as the more expensive models in this range. It looks great. Use it indoors and the Moto G6 Play just looks like a very dark blue glass-backed phone. It is not all-plastic, either. The sides are aluminum, although they are coated to keep the finish consistent.

From the spec list alone, you might imagine the Moto G6 Play is huge.Who so much flack for the Moto G7 self. It's a budget phone.

So what if the SoC is a few generations old, it will still run regardless. This phone was made so people who literally do not care about anything else than to have a phone that simply works can pick it up.

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If you want all the premium features like OLED, wireless charging and all that then yes, I'm sure Motorola is capable of doing it, BUT, you're going to need to pay a bit more. I do understand we have something like the Pocophone that will get you all the latest and greatest for about more dollars. But, some people are really iffy on buying a Chinese phone brand.

The flack mostly comes from people outside the US who don't know how limited the budget phone choices are here. Here, Moto is the king of the budget market, partially due in part to them releasing models that actually support US carriers.

Outside of LG's budget offerings, no other company consistently creates budget phones that support all US carriers. What probably adds fuel to the fire is that whenever Moto announces their next G-series lineup, there is a bunch of press coverage by US tech sites. Nine times out of ten, their articles will mention how the Moto G is a good bang for the buck which is true here in the US. Those articles will end up getting posted in this subreddit, and like clockwork, people from outside the US will comment on how it's not a good bang for the buck and to get the new Xiaomi phone whichever it might be instead, not knowing that the phone won't work well here in the US.

Moto G7 was the best value I could get for American carriers. Well said. I actually learned about this the hard way. I mean in the US it's basically this don't the G-series work on every carrier? Samsung and Sony have also some budget phones, though not very good VFM, maybe new M series will improve that. You can get their Mate 10 Pro still online, but otherwise they have their Matebook laptops here too.

But Huawei is in deep shit in the US so they're not really doing much of anything now. Even their sub brand Honor has not released anything new in the US for a while now. Huawei had a launch event specifically for the US like almost 2 years ago. Huawei is pretty much manned in the US seeing as it is the subject of a criminal prosecution here. There's no such thing as "normal" bands. A band is a band. There is no "normal" set of bands.

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Mexico uses the same ones as the US and Canada. I was thinking about it from a business perspective. I guess I was rather clueless as none of those brands have any real presence in the US, which is a shame.

Presence would still be a problem. It can have all the bands in the world but would suffer without an actual presence. Man that thing looks good. Just wish it had a front fingerprint sensor and a few more LTE bands. To someone on this subreddit, it wouldn't be hard. To your average Joe, that's a wholly different ask.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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The Moto G6 looks and feels like a phone twice its price. Alongside the announcement of the G6, Motorola also launched two variants: the G6 Play, which trades some performance for battery life, and the G6 Plus, which adds performance and a bigger screen. The G6 and G6 Play are available unlocked and work on all major US carriers; the Plus is only available internationally. The standard G6 sits in the middle of the line and strikes the best balance of the bunch.

The phone has a 5. In bright daylight, you can get some good shots out of the phone. But in anything other than ideal settings — and often, even in ideal settings — it would run into issues.

And in low-light, its photos become noisy or smudgy. The even bigger problem is that the camera is just too slow, leaving me with a lot of blurry pictures of my cat. The G6 is, for the most part, a pretty typical Android phone.

Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play Review

It has a USB-C port, a headphone jack! One of the more prominent additions is an ambient display that shows your notifications on a minimalist black-and-white screen when you flip the phone over. I found it to be more confusing than the normal lock screen. Fortunately, you can turn all of these features off. They gestures work well, but I still found the on-screen controls to be more comfortable. My one outstanding question with this phone is how its performance will hold up in the long run.

The G6 Play is generally a worse phone. It has a slightly slower processor, a much worse camera, less RAM, a thicker build, a cheaper-looking body, and a lower-resolution screen. The phone is nearly the same size, also putting a 5. Its resolution is closer to p, instead of p, making it noticeably less crisp than the G6.

The G6 Play does feel a touch slower than the G6, and it was more likely to get a little choppy while scrolling through a busy app. The more apparent limit was its camera, which was even worse with dynamic range than the standard G6, and it produced flatter, less detailed colors. But even with all of those issues and downgrades, the battery life on this phone is so remarkable that it makes it worth considering.

But I still think it would be hard with typical use to get this thing to die before the end of a single day. Finally, if you want to go even bigger, Motorola has the G6 Plus.Help [Help] how to effectively upgrade my moto g6 play shared memory self. Question [Help] My motorola z3 play keeps shutting off completely after the screen times out. Help [help] chat heads don't work after Android 10 update one zoom self. Help [Help] Strange artifact on all images.

My son has a G6 play and this pattern appears in the camera app and on all images. He says this happened on his previous G6 play as well. Any ideas what it is and if it's fixable?

An example would be the green tint, purple spots, unusable touch and white flashing of the screen in the sunlight. Help [Help] Any solution? Help [Help] Motorola G9 or G9 power release expectiations? Help [help] Moto G7 Play - loose charging port self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Moto G6 Play review

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